Dancing in the streets of Brooklyn is a story
that comes from my imagination, but it is also
mixed with the memories of my childhood and the
stories passed down to me by my parents and
grandparents.  The characters are fictional, but
some of them are loosely based on real people in
my family.  

Like Judy and Jacob, my parents grew up in the
Norwegian community of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, in
the 1940s. They experienced World War II on the
home front.  This was a time of great patriotism
and self-sacrifice. They enjoyed simple pleasures
like games of stickball with their friends,
swimming in the Sunset Park pool, and trips to
Coney Island.  My mother had a younger brother
with a fantastic imagination, much like Roy. My
parents knew each other from a very young age
and later became high school sweethearts.

While doing research on this time period, I called
my parents constantly, asking them all kinds of
questions on what it was like growing up during
the war.  They were always (I hope) happy to hear
from me.
My Uncle Roy - age seven, professional
street sweeper.  Charges one penny per
My mom (Judy), age thirteen, on her
confirmation day.  Her parents (Ma
and Pa) on either side, and Roy
doing his best to make an awful face
and spoil the photo.
My dad (Jacob), thirteen, trying
to look cool.  My mom (Judy ),
is in the background, ignoring
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